New Wind Turbine

Breakthrough technology, for simple,
efficient and affordable wind energy



Made of "no-rocket-science" parts and materials



Starts at wind speed as low as 1.5 m/s and works up to 40 m/s.



Industry-leading cost per watt of rated capacity

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Residential Scale

Residential Size Vertical Wind Turbine

These are smallest size turbines in our range, created for individual home owners. They are definitely capable to satisfy your needs – whether it is just a heating, or complete autonomity. Just identify your needs, assess your budget and select turbine.

Industrial Scale

industriall size vertical wind turbine

Want to power up your office, building or community of owners with wind turbine – here is the solution. Economical, efficient, simple design and easy maintenance – it will work for you even at night.

Utility Scale

Utility size vertical wind turbine

Building a wind farm? We have something interesting for you. Wind turbine, that starts generation at wind speed of 1.5 m/s and generates electricity up to 40 m/s. Impressed? Get a quote to be impressed by our prices!

Our company

Astralux LTD, is a wind energy technology development and wind turbines manufacturing company that was established in November 2009.

We have created several prototypes of wind turbines with vertical axis, conducted tests successfully, created drawings, created tech-maps of technological processes and the applicability and interchangeability of materials and got patents for inventions and utility models in Ukraine and the USA.

We regularly participate in major exhibitions and conferences on wind energy, alternative energy and energy forums.

We are ready to service orders for wind turbines up to 10kW of power.

In the future, we will build a wind turbine plant that produces up to 1 GW of power that will soon become the basis of the wind power industry.

Our News

  1. First commercial 2 kW wind turbine is developed.

    We are glad to announce the completion of development of the vertical axis solar and wind power generator on magnetic levitation and manufacture of first commercial sample. Vertical-axis wind turbines already proved to be requiring much less maintenance, compared to the traditional three-blade horizontal axis wind turbine. In Astralux turbine...
  2. Solar-Wind Turbines on Skyscrapers

    A lot of high-rise buildings are being constructed every now and then in our society today. These buildings are usually used as business centers, offices of large corporations, governmental agencies and apartment houses and complexes.